Youth Ministry

The youth of North Perth Seventh-Day Adventist Church are an integral and vibrant group of people who are committed to Jesus Christ. We are a close-knit bunch of young people who really strive to put God first in each aspect of our lives. As a result of our commitment, we seek to actively engage with and leave a positive, humble and service-oriented impression on our local community.

True to the Adventist message, we live to reflect Christ’s awesome grace, love and faithfulness in all that we do. We have small groups operating on Friday evenings for the purpose of studying the Bible and connecting with one other in a relaxed atmosphere. We also have a group Bible study (Sabbath School) from 9:45am on Saturday mornings followed by a worship service from 11:00am.

Throughout the year, we organise social activities for anyone and everyone to come along and enjoy. We do things like ice skating, camping, movie nights which have a spiritual learning aspect to them.

Everyone is welcome to join us, especially you! If you would like to get more information or talk to us, send us a message on our Facebook page. Remember to like our page to get updates on upcoming events and hear about other activities that you might like to join us for.