Dear Members,

As you may be aware, the World Health Organisation this week declared the COVID-19 virus to be an epidemic. This has implications on some of the decisions that need to be made by places of worship – including our community at North Perth SDA Church.

We want to ensure that our church is kept as safe as possible and not placing vulnerable people at risk of contracting the virus. We therefore request that if for any reason, you believe that you have:

– Experienced flu-like symptoms in the past week
– Have been in contact with a person who is known to have contracted the virus
– Have travelled overseas to any of the high risk countries (eg China, Italy, Iran, South Korea etc)

Then we kindly request that you reconsider attending the worship service this coming Sabbath.

Thanks you,


Coronavirus advice for local churches

Coronavirus advice for local churches

For advice about Coronavirus from World Health Organization (WHO) please check the following link: