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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit
Welcome to North Perth Church, a community of people who believe in God of the Bible. As Seventh-day Adventists we are committed to sharing God’s life-transforming love. We seek to encourage everyone to come to God in quiet humility to learn about Him and discover that He gives more back to us than we could ever give Him. With spiritual, personal and emotional growth, we can all be a part of God’s family and show His love to others.
At North Perth Seventh-day Adventist Church our mission is to share the gospel of Christ with everyone. We want to experience Jesus Christ in every facet of our lives and share that hope the He brings in this life. Our world is in a state of disarray with many struggling to understand all that they are seeing, hearing and experiencing. In Jesus Christ there is hope that lets us see through the fog of confusion into the peace of heart and mind that only He can offer.
Derek McCutcheon

Senior Pastor

Derek McCutcheon

Derek McCutcheon is our dynamic senior pastor with over 20 years of ministry experience. His predominant focus has been on...

Piroska Vranyakne


Piroska Vranyakne

With energised members and visionary leaders, the congregation can create a shared vision and plan strategically for the future.